Savvy Senior Connections

Activities and Special Events

The activities and special events are held in various locations in the community to meet the needs of the Savvy Senior Group Members. Events are held In-Person and Virtual/On-line and include the following:


Gain exclusive access to educational seminars and sessions with attorneys, financial planners, and care managers during Senior Law Day, Senior Legislative Day.

Community Services

Gain exclusive access to health/wellness events, speakers forum, technology training, community shred days, community health and wellness fairs.


Be involved in mentoring programs where can impact the community by  educating the younger generation on how to live an exemplary life.

College Day for Seniors

Social Engagement

Dining experiences Volunteer Efforts, Virtual/In-Person Meet-Ups and Check-ins, Conferences, Special Interest Classes, Game Days, Concerts, and Excursions.

Savvy Senior Connections provide many unique bonding and networking opportunities for Seniors to build positive relationships and connect with each other and the Community service providers. In addition, Seniors will have opportunities to tell their story before a captive audience.

Key Benefits

Fun, engaging activities for seniors.

Uniting partners to provide advocacy, community services, education, and social engagement opportunities for Seniors

Networking opportunities for all members to engage with community members and other Seniors